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A collectors' guide to American antique zippers from 1890s to 1930s. Published in 2013 by AOTA Mituhiro. 【pages】 248pages in total ( COLLOR 168, B/W 80 ) 【 size 】 18cm x 26cm (7 1/2inch x 8 3/8inch) HARDCOVER 【language】 Japanese ( Captions are basically written in English ) ※Shipping cost : If you live in the area that isn't on the shipping cost list, please let us know. ※Operation: Weekdays only. ※Due to rising transportation costs, especially in the U.S., shipping costs were raised in Sep. 2023. ※To send Japan, place an order with the following site . http://zippergear.com/ ※日本国内への発送は本サイトからはできません。下記のサイトにてご購入ください。 http://zippergear.com/

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